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What is Rapid Prototyping?



Rapid Prototyping is an iterative process used to visualize what an application will look like in order to get feedback and validation from users, stakeholders, developers, and designers.

When used well, rapid prototyping will improve the quality of your designs by enhancing communication between the various parties and reducing the risk of building something that no one wants.

MORHPLAB team will helps you on rapid prototyping by discussing & understanding your needs then test the efficiency of a part or product design before it is manufactured in larger quantities. Usually common testing are more to do with the size or shape of a design, then follow by its durability or strength, because the prototype may not be made of the same material as the final product. 

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small production



Alternately, 3D print are also applicable for low volume production / bridge production starts, especially for small-to medium projects during proof of concept or marketing testing purposes. 


Generally this method can consider cost effective, faster, and a more flexible solution for the low volume production of plastic parts. Small production do make a different in business timeline.

However, there are drawbacks compare to the injection moulding in terms of production time/output that might need to sacrifices. 3D print is not as speedy as injection moulding when comes to production output.


Feel free to talk to us about your product and usage in order for us to help you out further on your business production. Please do measure at least the width, length, height for us during the details discussion.  

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