Our ABS filament uses ABS plastic beads from Taiwan and manufacture in China. 



As a thermoplastic polymer, it can melt and cool without altering its chemical properties. That makes it an interesting 3D printer filament. 


  • Great mechanical properties: The material is known to be strong, tough and durable. It is also forgiving to scratches, offers good resistance to heat and everyday chemicals. It can endure heat, pressure and stress like no other home 3D printer material, making it a great choice for „wear and tear“ prints. You can try this out yourself: If you move a strain of ABS filament, will distort and bend before breaking. PLA breaks much more easily.
  • Great results: It’s quite forgiving, as long as you print with the right settings and a proper temperature management. You can even achieve overhangs of around 45 degrees. If the print succeeds, the results are very convincing.
  • Easy to process: Most makers like the material because you can process its surfaces with acetone, glue parts and even file off some material. Lastly, it can be easily painted with acrylic colors.

Morphlab ABS Filament (2.85mm, 1.75mm) - 1.0kg

  • ABS is a very strong and versatile material with  great thermal resistance. It's suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. ABS is a thermoplastic polymer; that means that just like PLA, it can be melted and crystallized multiple times without degrading too much. ABS, however, melts at a higher temperature than PLA. Higher melting temperature gives ABS great thermal resistance; your prints won't show signs of deformation up to 98℃.


    *The best use of ABS is for architectural models, concept models, spare parts (car interior, gears, phone cases), etc.


    High impact and heat resistance Bad smell
    Strong and versatile Worse resolution
    Soluble in acetone (easy post-processing) Needs warm room or enclosure
    Can be vapor smoothed